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How to Apply Tan on Your Face?

How to Apply Tan on Your Face?

How to Apply Tan on Your Face?


Since the deadly outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, life is slowing coming back on track. Businesses are opening up, and people are stepping out of their homes after a long time. And this timing couldn’t have been better. With summer at its full swing, now is the best time to flaunt that perfectly tanned skin. If you have been longing for that golden glowing skin, it’s the perfect time to head to your nearest automated spray tan booth. But remember to follow all the safety precautions to safeguard yourself and your family from the infection.

If you are concern about the infection and don’t want to step out of your house yet, you can still achieve that sun-kissed skin. Thanks to easy spray tanning techniques and sunless tanning lotions, you can apply tan at home.

While applying self-spray tanning on the body is easy, facial tanning is something that requires professional assistance. One wrong move can turn your face all orange or awkwardly tinted.

In this blog, you will find some essential tips on how to prepare your skin for facial tan.

Tip 1: Prepare your face

 Preparing the skin is one of the essential rules for tanning. Preparation of face includes proper exfoliation and removal of dead skin. Use face scrub to get rid of the dead cells present on your face. The exfoliation process allows the new skin cells to absorb the tan solution evenly and give better results. Make sure you exfoliate your skin a few days before applying the spray tan. Before spray tanning, please don’t use any moisturizer or oil-based skin as it can prevent the tan bronzer from penetrating the skin cells.

Tip 2: Hydrate your skin

Besides preparing your face from the outside, internal skin preparation is also necessary. Exfoliation and scrubbing often leave our skin dry and dehydrated. Excessive dry skin is hard to tan. Moreover, tan solutions can cause irritation or allergy to dry skin. One can use oil-free lotions to keep the dry area of the face like neck, chin, ears, and nose moisturized. It would help if you also increased the intake of water before applying facial tan.

Tip 3 Choose tanning product wisely

The tan solutions you use drastically impact the tan result. Various factors come into play when choosing the perfect tan shade and brand for your skin. Whichever tan solution you want, make sure to do a patch test. A patch test is essential as it allows one to examine the shade and look for possible signs of skin allergies. If you are applying spray tan for the first time, choose light tan shades and gradually proceed to darker tones. You can consult tanning experts at tanning spa near me regarding the shade.

Tip 4: Apply the tan

 Once you have completed all the processes, it’s time to apply the tan. Facial tanning is very different than body tanning. Be cautious as you don’t want the product to come in contact with eyes or mouth. Squeeze a small quantity of tan solution and apply it on your face, just like how you would use lotion. Spread the solution with your fingertips in a circular motion.